DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 13 July 2010

Foreign Random Conversations!

Dans ce blog, nous pouvons parler les uns aux autres dans une langue différente. Toute langue que vous voulez!

In order to know what to do in this blog, you have to translate the above. Do so here. DarkusMaster: LISTEN TO HADES!!!

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 12 July 2010

Triple 3s!

Thanks to my edit to Jakgol's talk page begging him to come back, I am now at 333 edits! (334 with the posting of this blog) Come on... Triple numbers are lucky. Since my 333rd edit was begging Jakgol to come back, he will. Just you wait, and always believe in luck. DarkusMaster: LISTEN TO HADES!!!

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 11 July 2010

July Corocoro leaked!

Go here! That Bird Pokemon silhouette now shows a full color photo! Along with it are new characters, and full artworks of Kibago, Koromori, and Minezumi. An evolution of Munna is now known! Go to the link! In case you missed it, here it is again. [1]

DarkusMaster: LISTEN TO HADES!!!

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Erimal Erimal 11 July 2010

2 Gen. V Pokemon News in 1 day!

Sorry I'm late on this but I've been busy. It is 9:18 CDT on Saturday, July 10, 2010 right now, so start on the ealier news.

Before the movie Pokemon: Phantom Champion Zoroark started, a new commercial for Black and White aired. For a split second, a new Pokemon appeared in a battle - Minezumi. The blogger who posted its name earlier understandably messed it up because it flashed by so quickly. The advertisement also showed the first front sprite of Moguryuu, whose backsprite was seen on Oha Suta last week. After the movie, Reshiram and Zekrom fired attacks at each other and then an unnamed Pokemon appeared on screen and waved to the audience.


Going on with other news, Pokemon Sunday just finished airing. In the preview for next week's episode, …

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 9 July 2010

More GenV Pokemon Names!

Two of the first three unknown Pokemon's names are now known! Go here for the news. I will update my B&W facts blog soon. DarkusMaster: LISTEN TO HADES!!!

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Jakgol Jakgol 7 July 2010


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Erimal Erimal 5 July 2010

Possible Pokemon?

These Pokemon were made by Bandai, though I think they're fake. Tell me your opinion.

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 5 July 2010

Two new Pokemon????

Read for yourself. [1]

Yeah. DarkusMaster: Only time will tell...

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 1 July 2010

Evolutions of Tsutarja and Mijumaru!

Mijumaru's actually looks REALLY cool! Tsutarja's isn't half bad, either. Take a look for yourself. DarkusMaster: Only time will tell...

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Jakgol Jakgol 30 June 2010


Play this game:

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 29 June 2010

B&W Facts

The region's name is Isshu (イッシュ) and is located very far away.

Hiun City is Isshu's central city, pictured in the scans. "Hiun" means "bad luck" or "misfortune." It can also mean "clouds being blown by the wind."

The main characters are older than ever before; they are not children.

Tsutarja (ツタージャ) is the Grass Snake Pokemon, its ability is Overgrow, it is 0.6 m (2 ft) tall, and it weighs 8.1 kg (17.9 lbs). "Tsuta" means "ivy" and "ja" is one way of saying the word "snake."

Pokabu (ポカブ) is the Fire Pig Pokemon, its ability is Blaze, it stands 0.6 m (2 ft) tall, and it weighs 9.9 kg (21.9 lbs). The name derives from "pokapoka," which means "warm" in Japanese, and "bu," the sound a pig makes in Japanese culture (here it's "oink").

Mijumaru (ミジュマル) is …

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Erimal Erimal 28 June 2010

More B&W News, By:Erimal

Oha Suta, a Japanese variety showed, just showed an extended version of the Black and White trailer that aired on yesterday's Pokemon Sunday episode. In it, they revealed eight new Pokemon.

  • The first four new Pokemon revealed (from left to right) are Ononokusu (オノノクス), Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ), Desukaan (デスカーン), and Denchura (デンチュラ); they are in the first screenshot below. Doryuuzu's name derives from "mole," Desukaan's comes from "death" and "coffin," and Denchura's name contains the words "electric" and "tarantula." Guess it's an Electric tarantula. We're not sure about Ononokusu's name, though it seems to derive from "fear."
  • Three unnamed Pokemon were also revealed, shown in the second screenshot below.
  • Moguryuu (モグリュー), whose back we see in the third screenshot…

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 27 June 2010

More B&W News!

According to PokeBeach, Pokemon Sunday, the Japanese Pokemon Show that is on every Sunday morning in Japan, but Saturday afternoon our time, has revealed the Japanese release date for "Pokemon Black and White"! The release date is...

September 18th! I'm going to get a ROM of the Japanese version as soon as I can so I can play those games. I'll even do a review on those games, and put them on here! DarkusMaster

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Erimal Erimal 18 June 2010

Random Conversations part 2

Let's randomly conversate..... some more!

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 13 June 2010

B&W Rumors: True or False?

You decide. Again, I got this from PokeBeach, so you can rely on that site to get more info, Erimal. Anyways, here are the rumors:

There will be 157 new Pokemon, bringing the total amount to 650.

Like how Giratina compliments Dialga and Palkia, a large, green cobra will accompany Reshiram and Zekrom.

Tauros will have an evolution: Minotauros. It stands on two legs.

In previous games, either through moves or through abilities, players were able to alter the weather conditions of the battle field to boost certain types. For example, Groudon's Drought summons sunlight, which boosts Fire-type moves by 50%. In Black and White, players will be able to collect certain items that alter the weather conditions of the battle field. Approximately twenty of t…

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 11 June 2010

More new Pokemon!

Sorry, Erimal! But I am getting these out here early! Seven more Pokemon have been revealed, as well as the new Professor! Also shown is a screenshot of Tsutarja fighting Reshiram. I'll be posting more info regularly, so keep a lookout! DarkusMaster

Update! I have more pictures and info! Zorua's obtaining method is revealed, and the elemental types for Reshiram and Zekrom are revealed!
Yet another update! The following information was taken straight from PokeBeach. It reveals the species name and abilites of the version mascots.
Reshiram is the White Yang Pokemon and has "Turbo Blaze" as its ability while Zekrom is the Black Yin Pokemon and has "Terra Voltage" for its ability. (Changed in this blog's third update) Yep, looks like they're going…
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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 10 June 2010

Bakugan Comedy Stop-Motions

Credit to Erimal for the name.

Alright, guys. Hit me with your funniest shot in the comments below. DarkusMaster

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 8 June 2010

I'm bored...

Give me something to talk about, please. DarkusMaster

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Jakgol Jakgol 2 June 2010

My 1st blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this my first blog. I'll start off my blogging with an original joke of my uncle.

Here it goes:

An LSU guy, a Mississippi State guy, and an Ole Miss guy walk into a restroom and pee. The LSU guy gets done first. He walks to the sink, rolls his sleeves all the way up, spreads soap all over his arms and hands, washes all the soap off, gets a bunch of paper towels, dries his hands, and says, "At LSU, I was taught to be very clean." Then the Mississippi State guy gets done, walked to the sink, washes just a tiny bit of his index fingers, and gets a tiny corner of a paper towel and dries his hands. He says, "At State, I learned to be very conservative." Well, finally the Ole Miss guy got done, walked past the sink and said, "At Ole Miss, I l…

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 2 June 2010

Earlier today...

Something happened in my pool. A black-colored bird flew up to the edge of my pool while my siblings were in it. I splashed water at to make it go away. It didn't even flinch at the water, it hopped closer to the pool, and eventually jumped in. It was "swimming" towards my brother and I as we moved away, and it eventually went towards the wall of the pool. We were all wondering, "What do we do?" My dad suggested to me to try to pick it up. I slowly put my hand under it's feet. I lifted it out of the water slowly, it rested it's wings, and didn't try to bite me. I set it about two-and-a-half feet away from the edge of my pool. It was sitting there, still. I took my snorkeling mask and filled it with water, and put it in front of the bird. I…

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Erimal Erimal 29 May 2010

Generation 5 Pokemon!

There are new Pokemon revealed for Generation 5!

Note: If a new Pokemon is revealed and it's not on here, the reason why is that I am waiting for official artwork to be unveiled. Erimal|What‘s up! 23:05, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 28 May 2010

My first blog!

Now, to start having fun. I want you guys to post a comment containing the funniest joke that you can think of! DarkusMaster

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Erimal Erimal 25 May 2010

Random Conversations part 1

Let's randomly conversate!

Message: Here is a pic I made from a Youtube video. Enjoy!

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Erimal Erimal 22 May 2010

New Rules!

Because of excessive vandalism, I am taking matters into my own hands.

  1. Trademark-We have been having issues with Trademark lately. I don't want any users that have a logo or something similar as an Avatar.
  1. Moving Pages-Just recently a User (*cough* Jake *cough*) has been changing user pages to the user's real name (causing spam) which is also deleting their comments on their user talk page. The reason why I made this rule is because he also deleted the proof I have of making this wikia.
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Erimal Erimal 11 May 2010


There is 1 word I want to talk about here and I am serious about this: Trademark. Recently one of our users (i.e.Zach) used a trademarked WWE Logo. Here is the rule. If you have a Logo of a company or any other trademarked picture as an avatar, you will be stripped of your rank and banned.(P.S. No random conversation on this Blog!)

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Steand Steand 3 May 2010


goocderHilllo it is chase

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Steand Steand 27 April 2010

im here

im on Chase

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