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  • DarkusMaster

    Dans ce blog, nous pouvons parler les uns aux autres dans une langue différente. Toute langue que vous voulez!

    In order to know what to do in this blog, you have to translate the above. Do so here. DarkusMaster: LISTEN TO HADES!!!

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  • DarkusMaster

    Triple 3s!

    July 12, 2010 by DarkusMaster

    Thanks to my edit to Jakgol's talk page begging him to come back, I am now at 333 edits! (334 with the posting of this blog) Come on... Triple numbers are lucky. Since my 333rd edit was begging Jakgol to come back, he will. Just you wait, and always…

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  • DarkusMaster

    Go here! That Bird Pokemon silhouette now shows a full color photo! Along with it are new characters, and full artworks of Kibago, Koromori, and Minezumi. An evolution of Munna is now known! Go to the link! In case you missed it, here it is again. […

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  • Erimal

    Sorry I'm late on this but I've been busy. It is 9:18 CDT on Saturday, July 10, 2010 right now, so start on the ealier news.

    Before the movie Pokemon: Phantom Champion Zoroark started, a new commercial for Black and White aired. For a split second, a new …

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