Poptropica is an online game made for children ages 6-15 years old, though even 20 year olds and up still play it. You can create and customize a character. To save your character, click save, type a username, and type a password. The Poptropica Store is a feature of the game. To purchase stuff in the Poptropica Store, you must earn credits to spend by beating an island. Membership is an offer that gets free stuff in the Poptropica Store and early access to new islands. Membership is not free.


These are the Islands that are currently up on Poptropica in the order of when they were released.

  • Early Poptropica
  • Shark Tooth Island
  • Time Tangled Island
  • 24 Carrot Island
  • Super Power Island
  • Spy Island
  • Nabooti Island
  • Big Nate Island
  • Astro-Knights
  • Counterfeit Island
  • Reality TV Island
  • Mythology Island
  • Skullduggery Island

Upcoming IslandsEdit

These are the Islands that have not been released to the public yet.

  • Steamworks Island

Other IslandsEdit

These are the Islands that can be bought in the Poptropica store

  • Haunted House
  • Dr. Hare's Secret Lab
  • Earth Day



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